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Q; How much does it cost to install synthetic grass?
A; There are 5 main factors that affect the pricing for synthetic turf installation, where you live, the size of the installation, the access to the installation site, the extent of the preparation before turf is installed, and the style of turf you choose. Generally, the price range is $6.00-$11.00 per square foot. In new construction situations, the price can fall below $6.00!

Q; What is the cost to install synthetic putting greens?
A; The same factors that affect the pricing for play turf are true for putting greens but the installation procedures are far more intense so the cost can range $12.00-$20.00 per sf.

Q; What kind of guarantee do you offer?
A; SynTurf offers an 8 year warranty which covers materials and installations, you are totally covered.

Q; Will my dog ruin SynTurf?
A; The single most popular reason for the replacement of sod with SynTurf is “mans best friend.” It eliminates the worn, dead, muddy spots caused by dogs, is unaffected by their waste and urine, and its no harder to clean than natural turf.

Q; It has been published that artificial turf has lead, how about SynTurf?
A; SynTurf is produced by the largest synthetic turf manufacturer in the U.S. Each product is tested by an independent lab to insure its safety. We can provide you with more information and test results upon request.

Q; My yard is always soggy especially in the winter, will it still be wet with synthetic turf?
A; SynTurf has better draining qualities than natural turf and eliminates any soggy or damp sod caused by pour soil conditions or shady areas, it’s guaranteed!

Q; Can SynTurf be placed on concrete or a wood deck and how about roof gardens?
A; Yes, we have installed artificial turf on all these surfaces. Check out the “Unique Installations” section in the Galleries.

Q; Will weeds grow in my synthetic turf?
A; The truth is “yes”. Weeds will grow anywhere; look at the cracks in the sidewalk. The good news is that using weed killer will not discolor your turf. You can even apply a pre-emergent to prevent them.