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Synthetic Turf Product Putting Greens

SynTurf currently offers two styles of putting green surfaces, Nylon and Polypropylene. These two products have very different characteristics which make their uses unique from each other. Polypropylene is a sand filled surface which allows a chip shot to land and react very similarly to a natural green. A sand filled roller is used to increase the speed of the green so more ongoing maintenance is required than Nylon greens. Nylon putting green surfaces are not sand filled so they will not hold a chip shot like the Polypropylene green however, they do not require rolling so there is less ongoing maintenance. Nylon greens will also be more consistent in the putting speed because you can not manipulate the surface with a roller. SynTurf will be offering a third putting surface option in the very near future, a Polyethylene fiber product that combines the benefits of the Nylon surface maintenance characteristics with the chip shoot and varying speed ability of the polypropylene surface. Look for more details of this revolutionary new product very soon.


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